KWH Autobody Services


We offer hassle free insurance repairs.
Insurance companies can be frustrating.
Let us take your Repairs in our hands, so that your experience is frustration free.


With restorations there can be surprises no one intended on having, we make sure to take photos of every step to send you progress reports. If there is a surprise we make sure that you are aware immediately so that when the final bill arrives you are prepared.
We want to make your restoration experience exciting and pain free.


We can build almost anything.
Want to Custom build your fancy bumper for your truck? No problem
Wanting a safer bumper for your side by side or toy? Not an issue we have had a few come on through our doors.
Something new, or Different? Come by we can see what we can help you figure out! we have creative minds!


We can clean your vehicle back to its new looking self. Need to have some carpet cleaning done, or your seasonal tidy up done? Book your appointment today!

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